Need for Speed World was shut down on 14th July 2015.

How to report drivers or times?

We have a reporting system, which can be used by logged in users to report drivers or times.
To report a driver, go to the driver's overview page and click on the driver menu icon at top right navigation. Select Report driver. This leads you to the report form.
Report driver screenshot
Report time screenshot

To report a time, go to the driver's overview page and look for the time you would like to report. Click on the Menu icon behind the time and select report time.
If you report anything, you have already reported, you get directly to that report and can comment on it.

One of our admins will have a look at your report and decide what to do.


Some examples for what you can report:
  • Drivers who use unfair advantages to manipulate their times, which has a negative effect on the quality of our leaderboard.
  • Times caused by cheats.
If you accuse other drivers, always send us proof as images or link to videos.

How to get ranked in a country?

You need to link your driver first with your P-Stats Account. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Login with your P-Stats Account (see top right P-Stats Network bar)
  2. Open your driver profile. You can use the search, see top left, for that
  3. Click on the Menu button, right from Overview, History, Times, Graphics navigation
  4. Select Link to my account
  5. Follow the instructions in the Account linking options dialog
When your account is linked with your driver, you can change your country.
  1. Open your driver profile. You can use the search, see top left, for that
  2. Click on the Menu button, right from Overview, History, Times, Graphics navigation
  3. Select Driver settings
  4. Choose your country in the Driver settings dialog and click on Set country
If you have a score, you are ranked now in your country. Link driver screenshot
Set country screenshot

How to create my own leaderboard?

You can create your own leaderboards with the drivers you would like to see. When logged in, you have your favorites at the left side of Those are already a custom leaderboard.
To remove or add players, you can click on Manage leaderboards beneath it.

Manage leaderboards

Here you find a list of all your leaderboards and the form to create a new leaderboard. Just enter a name and click on Create or click on one of your existing leaderboards.
This leads you to the leaderboard page.

Leaderboard page

Here you can add drivers by just entering their name. You can use the Column options to select what is displayed in the 10 available leaderboard columns.
When sort a columns as owner of the leaderboard, this gets saved as the default order for all who visit it.

By default the leaderboard is private. To change this click on Edit settings, top right navigation.

Edit settings

Here you can change the name, enter a presentation text and add a link to your homepage. You choose who can see your leaderboard and who can add drivers. Be aware, that only you as owner can delete drivers.
If everybody can add drivers and a password is entered, only those who know the password can add drivers.
You can also enter a link for a header graphic to display.